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Embracing Health and Wellness Unapologetically

Hey there, health enthusiasts, and those of you who are just trying to navigate this wild wellness journey – hold on tight because I’m about to lay it out as it is. Health is our true wealth, and yeah, I’m not here to sugarcoat it or sip on green smoothies 24/7. Let’s talk about why health and wellness matter to me, the strong, abrasive mom who believes in living life on her own terms.

  1. Fast food Soda and other Crap

I’m all for indulgence, but let’s be real, fast food and soda are not life’s essentials. I firmly stand by drinking wooder(water to everyone not from Philly or Jersey lol) and occasionally a treat, but sugary drinks all day everyday are a hard no for me. Fast food or takeout more than 2 times a week, not only is a big expense, but it’s crap for your health. Instead, it’s about cooking your own food or even growing it if you can. Shit, who’s got time for empty calories when you can savor a meal that’s packed with flavor and nutrients?

2. Mental Health: The Backbone of Your Best Life

Here’s a fact: your mind runs the show. Without your mental health in check, how can you live your best, unapologetic life? It’s okay to embrace your emotions, deal with the ups and downs, and seek help when you need it. Mental wellness is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

3. Beauty Products, Hygiene, and Exercise – the Unapologetic Trio

Let’s talk about self-care without the fluff. The cosmetic and beauty products we use, our hygiene routines, and exercise – they’re all part of the unapologetic package. It’s not about perfection; it’s about feeling confident and strong. Slather on that moisturizer, break a sweat, and strut your stuff – because you deserve it.

In a world that often preaches about extremes, remember it’s okay to be unapologetically Blunt  about your health and wellness journey. Moderation doesn’t mean compromising; it means finding balance in a way that suits your vision.

So, here’s to living life on our own terms, embracing health and wellness with an attitude that screams, “I’ve got this ishh!

Painting props to Viktoria Lapteva

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